311. Now THAT’S what friends are for.

As time goes on I find that there is unexpected collateral damage to being divorced.  It just pops up all of a sudden.

Some hole  in my life, some little something that shows that my life has in fact changed.

I had one the other day when I first received information that my Montauk house had been rented for the summer.

I immediately emailed dave and he was obviously very happy.

A day or two later my broker called and said the deal fell through. I forwarded this information too.

I got an answer from dave “Easy come, easy go”.

It made me miss him.

I’m a worrier. dave has always been able to calm my fears and put things in their proper perspective. I don’t have that any more and I miss it.

There are other things, like no longer being able to say “we” like or dislike something.

The other night I found something else that is really missing in my life.

I was having dinner with Susan and Allan. We are very close, long time friends. In fact if you recall, I saw Allan’s wiener in the early 80’s.

We were discussing them borrowing a dvd of a movie they want to see from a friend. Susan said “We’ll return it to them on Monday”

Al said “That may not be enough time. I’m planning on copying it”

Without thinking I said “You moron, you can’t make a copy. Not only is it illegal, it’s impossible. They’re copy protected”

There was a brief silence and all of a sudden I realized what had been missing in my life. The ability to surgically remove any trace of manhood from someone I love.


“Man that felt good, Al. I haven’t been able to do that in over a year.”

Always the loyal friend he said,

“Glad to be of help. Feel free to do it any time. In fact if I’m not home, you can leave a message on my cell.”

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