315. Delusions of stupid.

Miss Liz and Rupert are back for a few days.

This morning she, I and David were sharing the morning when Liz quoted the New York Post she was reading which said that the real problem in New York is handguns.

It’s almost as if spending so much time in Santa Fe has made her lose her New York chops.

Doesn’t she remember that you must never mention guns or gun control in front of  “Dirty David” (get it? David instead of Harry? I can’t stop cracking myself up.)

I must have forgotten it too because I said “That doesn’t mean that anyone needs assault weapons.

David looks up over his New York Times or as he refers to it, The Communist Manifesto, and starts giving me the third degree. He aims it at me because Liz would beat him to a pulp if he tried it with her.

“Do you even know what the definition of an assault weapon is?

“It’s a gun that shoots a lot of bullets”

He immediately puts on his aggrieved face.

“Once again you’ve proved your ignorance”

Then he started spouting off stuff about extended magazines, flash suppressors and collapsable stocks and the difference between assault and regular guns.


Liz just says “Leave him alone. You can’t get him to be specific. He loves them all”

Then she looks up at me and I almost saw a lightbulb flash on top of her head.

“No! No! No! No!”

“What’s wrong?” David asks.

“She’s going to write about this and I’m going to look like a jerk again because I’m engaged to you.”

“Who cares what she writes?  Besides the only time that blog is interesting is when she talks about me”

6 thoughts on “315. Delusions of stupid.

  1. Your description of a typical assult rifle should have also included devices to attach a grenade launcher and/or bayonet and pistol style grips.

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