323. Gratitude has it’s limits

I got up this morning raring to get started on my book when I got a call from David. “Do you have a heating pad?….Wait I just found one.”

“What happened?”

“I hurt my back in Mexico and I had to be wheeled in a wheelchair to board my plane last night.”

“I’ll be right there”

When I got there he was limping around and kvetching or whatever the goyim do that sounds like kvetching.

“You’ve got to go to a Chiropractor.”

“Absolutely not. You know I don’t believe in them ”

“I know you think they’re witch doctors but if you remember when I made you go to one last year you felt better.”

He didn’t remember anything about it but he finally agreed to go to one so I googled Chiropractors in my neighborhood (we couldn’t remember the one he went to last time).

I finally found one that looked promising. They had a video on their website. Even though I didn’t watch it, it’s very inclusion made me think they were big time. I called and made an appointment.

Once again I went with him. He must have been in a great deal of pain because he was actually grateful. On the way over he offered to take me to lunch at the “Pig and Whistle” when we were finished.

Once we got there He filled out forms and we looked through the magazines. I emailed a picture of him reading Cosmopolitan to Liz  and then they called him into the examination room. About 45 minutes later one of the people from the place asked if I was me and told me that David said that since he’d be another 45 minutes I could go home if I wanted to.


When he finally came out of the room he was surprised that I was still there.

How come you didn’t leave?

I figured if I went home I’d be kissing that free lunch good bye.

He didn’t miss a beat. “Good call”.

3 thoughts on “323. Gratitude has it’s limits

  1. you are so kind, I can’t think of anyone else other than you to have there in a situation like that! To be honest ANY situation that requires love, compassion, humor and oh yeah humor and the wits to handle anything! That is You Mattie!
    Love to you & Happy Valentine’s Day xoxoxox

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