322. I’m dipping one toe in scaryville.

I’m very close to perfecting my first three chapters so I can start looking for an agent. I had a wonderful agent last year but I wasn’t anywhere near ready to move forward then. I think I may be now.

I actually have much more than three chapters but the people who seem to know said that’s all I need at this juncture.

This writing a book is not like anything I’ve ever done before. Actually it’s not the writing. I love that.  It’s the showing it to people and having to listen to their opinion of your soul.  When Julie arranged for me to meet with her good friend Brenda, a successful editor (now my good friend too) to discuss what I had written, I thought I was going to faint before she started speaking. I felt lightheaded and sweaty.

It made me appreciate what dave always did to earn a living. He is judged every time he steps on stage or in a recording studio. That doesn’t make him any less a fuckhead, it just suggests he was brave.

I could tell that Julie was disappointed in me. they both just stared at me and Julie said “You have to separate your personal feelings from your professional feelings”

Here’s the rub. I don’t have any professional feelings. Luckily I live across the street from Bloomingdales so I can run over there this afternoon as soon as Cheryl leaves and buy myself a thicker skin.


10 thoughts on “322. I’m dipping one toe in scaryville.

  1. Professional feelings must mean hiring a hitman for dave, that’s professional 🙂

    I love your writing and will buy your book as is, but I understand you want to sell more than one copy so edit away!

    • I see after reading your comment that you don’t even realize that you are an iconic writer. If you’re that much of a lame brain I really can take credit for what you’ve written.

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