321.Sometimes a little tweak can make the difference between “War and Peace” and “Warts and Peas”

I have a pretty good day planned for today.

Cheryl and I are having lunch with Julie. Will we laugh? I think so.

Cheryl is going home tomorrow. I will miss her terribly but her family really needs her, specially the girls.

Why just last night her oldest, Sadie, while chastising her father for not seeing that she had clean pants to wear to school today (he actually did but she didn’t look in the dryer) said:

“I really miss Mommy. She does the work of four people.”

It brought a tear to my eye just hearing that heartfelt sentiment. I wonder if it’s too late to have kids?

I feel like I have a full time job. Why just this morning as soon as I finished watching “Shah’s of Sunset” I had to run over to my computer and work on my book.

BTW I hear that Mike from that show is going to pose for Playgirl so it looks like we’re going to see his wiener. I’m looking forward to that. So the people who thought that I wouldn’t have much of a life without dave are laughing out of the other side of their mouths now, huh?

But that has nothing to do with what I was trying to say.

I write for awhile and then Cheryl comes in and looks at it and makes a few suggestions (I say “a few” but in one paragraph the only word that I wrote that she found acceptable was “when”)

Don’t worry, this has a point.

This morning I got an email from dave asking me to give him the email address of Ron, our computer guy.

I didn’t have it but I know someone who does, his previous partner, Deborah. I was just about to write to Deb when Cheryl came in and I explained what I was doing.

“Why are you writing to her to get Ron’s address? Give dave her email address and let him do it. You don’t have to make things easy for him any more”


That’s exactly what I did. I guess it’s good to have an editor in life too.

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