320. Becoming Ernest Hemingway is no easy feat.

Still trying to turn this turd into a diamond.

Writing a book is nothing like writing a blog. And I’m getting help.

My friend Brenda went over what I wrote and made really helpful comments and so did Cheryl. I”m taking in what they both said and trying to incorporate it into my voice. And here’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

This is fucking hard.

They say I have to think of myself like a character. I have to describe myself.

You  just try doing that. I’ve been fighting my weight all my life. I’m definitely overweight but when I tried to describe myself for the book the closest I could get was “not thin”. Don’t worry, I’m not a blimp but I could definitely afford to lose a few. Well maybe a little more than a few.

Even talking about dave. I can write about all the mean things he’s done but I can’t write anything mean about who he is. I still won’t say anything that I think will hurt him.

This blog may be the best I can do. That wouldn’t be too terrible. It’s saved my life.




At my lowest point I found something I love to do. I sit down in front of my computer thinking I have nothing to say and the words just flow. If I didn’t have this the loss of my husband would have devastated me. Now for the most part it’s just been a forced change of direction. Well a little more than that but I think you know what I mean.

So I’ll still try to write this book but I’ll keep up with my true love, my blog.

More important than all that. I’m trying to cut costs so I’ve got to decide “People” or “Us” ?

8 thoughts on “320. Becoming Ernest Hemingway is no easy feat.

  1. It wouldn’t be your voice if you described yourself (ie. weight) any other way – that description is the best- it shows your humor and your beauty. Why change a great thing? I love reading your blog BECAUSE of that voice.
    Love Patty

  2. your blog is your voice and your story. when i met you at Dave aka Archie’s screening & you mentioned your sleep place, I forgot it was something that just had happened the night before & not some time ago, so I was reading it like a book. You don’t realize how your readers read your blog. it is a book.. You are a great writer as well as a very funny woman with a great story to tell.xxx!! nobody who reads your blog doesn’t love you!!


  3. I know that writing this book is not going to get the better of you. Being the furthest thing from a writer myself, I don’t understand why you have to describe yourself and think like a character and even if you do, why does it have to be your physical self. As a reader of your blog and a reader of your book when it is done, I’m more interested in your emotional attributes. They are all throughout this blog and what I fell in love with when I began reading it. Keep plugging away, at both the blog and the book for I know the book will be as amazing and enjoyable to read as 67 and dumped is.

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