319.Lucy and Ethel always bought new hats behind their husband’s backs

I just got an email from my nephew Eric in Israel asking if I’m alright because I haven’t written on my blog in awhile.

I realized that my pretty big family relies on my keeping in touch via this blog so they know that I’m still kicking.

I am.

I’m snowed in. Esther or whatever stupid name they’ve given this storm has snowed me in, at least for a few hours. After all this is NYC. This city will be up and around in no time.

My niece, Cheryl is visiting me. She’s helping me turn my blog into what I hope will be a book. It isn’t easy. I have to go over all the parts in my life I’m trying to forget. Everyone who tries to help me tells me to read some great writer. When I do all it does is remind me that I barely know what I’m doing. I wish they would recommend a crappy writer so I will feel superior and march forward.

Maybe I could write a TV show. There is no TV I watch that isn’t aimed at the lowest common denominator.

Another thing people keep telling me is that in order to tell my story I have to say what I was and how far I’ve come. This is a problem for me. I’m the same old person. I really haven’t changed at all. Rolling with the punches doesn’t make you a better person it just makes you the same person with black and blue marks.

I can’t even get a dog. I love dogs so much but they paralyze me. I can’t bear to leave them alone so having one would keep me from ever leaving my house except to go someplace the dog likes. Then I would be right back where I was before dave left me only instead of spending my vacations on that fucking boat I’d be centering my life on only places where there were asses to sniff.


I know it doesn’t sound like it but I’m in a pretty good mood. Maybe I’ll buy a hat.

6 thoughts on “319.Lucy and Ethel always bought new hats behind their husband’s backs

  1. Silly you. You need a dog in a pockabook. That way, you can call it a therapy dog and shlep it everywhere.

    People in NY do it all the time, so I’m told.

  2. I almost DM’d your niece Julie this a.m. because you hadn’t posted in awhile and I was wondering if you were O.K. too. Was delighted to see your post in my email! Can’t imagine how difficult it is to have to keep revisiting the past for the book. I do think that when it is all completed, you will discover that you are not the same person. Just from reading your blog from the beginning, you have grown into a much stronger and independent person that you thought you could be. You have a very stubborn streak and a strong survival instinct and nothing that life throws at you is going to get the better of you. Your wit and sense of humour has gotten you through some tough times and it will get you through this book writing too. I can’t wait to find out your publishing date.

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