332 ho hum

I am so bored that I’m too bored to say how bored I am.

I have so much to do. Taxes and stuff.

Have I done any of those things? No. So far today I read a list of edible bugs, the 12 worst supermarkets in America and the REAL reasons why Michelle Williams and Jason Segel broke up.

I was just about to dive into why Justin Bieber is having the  “worst birthday ever” when I thought I’d give you guys a jingle.

So what’s new?


8 thoughts on “332 ho hum

  1. well not a lot of action here Barry is on call, I am doing laundry and errands, did manage to get a good long walk in (on the very muddy trails near our house, OREGON!). It is pretty quiet with the boys, Max will be coming home for his college spring break in a week, Yippie! Evan is staying at school for spring break working on his senior music project. I wish I could transport myself to see you, I am sure we could get into some kind of trouble together!

  2. I made the best chicken noodle soup I’ve ever made, read and enjoyed ONE GOOD DEED, and just returned from taxi-ing my daughter and friend home from a bachelorette party. They were giggly and entertaining. A nice day, overall.

    • Could really use some of that soup. Trying to get over a cold though it was not too severe but still a bit unconfortable. Today someone gave me two free tickets to see “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. Yesterday i stayed in my jammies all day and watched Prison Break. Still coughing!

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