334. Just when I thought I was out…….

In turning my blog into a book, which I’m hoping to do, the advice I get from those in the  know is that what I’m going through should be a teaching moment for others. It seems that in the last five years the number of marriages of people over 60 have broken up at an alarming rate increase.

Sometimes I think I’ve got a handle on it. Find something you love to do and embrace the fact that your life is your own and you can do what you want without taking anyone else into consideration.

But sometimes that just doesn’t work and it sneaks up on you that you’re alone.

Yesterday was dave’s birthday. I made an entry on facebook about it and said that I’ll be glad when I don’t remember it.

After a few minutes I erased it. Too needy.

But I have to admit that it brought me down all day. I kept thinking that I don’t believe that I can’t acknowledge the birthday of someone who was so close to me.

I try to cheer myself up by remembering stuff like him saying that he wanted to take half my jewelry and oh yeah, “I’m in love with a Japanese woman” always puts a dent in my missing him.

The point of this is what kind of hope can I give other women going through this? Even after over a year it sneaks up on me. But I do admit that those times are rare. Mostly I’m happy.

I wonder if she made him a party.


6 thoughts on “334. Just when I thought I was out…….

  1. I think you’ll remember that date for a time- but then one day you’ll think – Hey, wasn’t it dave’s birthday two days ago? …or last week… or dave who?
    no matter what – always remember – YOU are the party to all of us that know you, read your blog or have to change in the gym dressing room near you.

  2. You are a role model to every woman over 59 because you continue to survive the God awful transition from married to unmarried. You are making a path for us. Envision yourself walking in a jungle whacking away at giant palm branches and snakes in the grass with one of those huge knifes (that I can’t remember the name of). But there you are forging forward clearing the yuck and warning the women following you of what to avoid, what to embrace, what warrants a box of tissues. We are on the path with you. I hope we can stop today and rest somewhere close to a chaise in the shade and a pina colada in hand!

  3. You should remember dave’s birthday with joy. Remember the nice parting gift you gave him, his life. By all that’s good and holy, you should have shot him when he made his announcement.

    Another year passes, you grow and experience new levels of joy while he’s stuck in the same old rut. Oh, and you’re not in prison for shooting him!

    Life is wonderful 🙂

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