343.There is no reason in the world to talk to strangers.

David says that I should try to make more friends.

He says he’s sick of hearing about the same old people over and over. He also thinks that the fact that I spend so much time with my family is pathetic.

I’ve been mulling this over. I do spend time with a limited amount of people but that’s because I only want to be with those people.

I can’t think of one person I’ve had lunch or dinner with in the past year that I didn’t really like and after one glass of wine you can include the waiters and waitresses in that.

I did have an epiphany the other day that even though I thought I really know people, clearly I don’t.

I used to worry about dying because I was afraid that dave would be devastated and couldn’t function without me.

We once had an argument about who loved the other one more. Both of us thought the other loved more. My theory at the time was that either we both felt very loved or neither of us loved the other one at all. Naturally I said that as a joke. Now I”m thinking hmmmmm.

I have a good day planned today. My sister is coming down and she, Julie, Violet and I will hang.

I wrote that yesterday. It was a good day and today will be even better. My sister is still here and we’re going to Costco to buy a vat of Advil, a barrel of olive oil and a crate of toothpicks.


3 thoughts on “343.There is no reason in the world to talk to strangers.

  1. Being a quality family has it’s drawbacks. It’s difficult to find people on your level. So you tend to flock among our own. In general, you can be gracious to everyone. But a relationship demands a certain amount of balance in order to succeed.

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