344. Given enough time I could have the Pope saying “Oy Vey”

I may not be a good Jew.

Although I feel Jewish in my bones, I never go to Shul so what makes me feel Jewish in the other parts of me is my partaking of the Jewish rituals and pulling in others to learning that our way is best. I believe that that falls under the heading of proselytizing.

My most successful inductee thus far was Miss Liz, the most waspy wasp I’m ever likely to meet. In fact early in our friendship I remarked that she and her parents were really fancy, like the Kennedys and I thought she’d faint dead away for lumping her in with those peasants.

When I first met her she refused to discuss the price of anything. If you asked her what  a new sweater set her back she’d actually swoon. Buy anything at a discount? Wouldn’t happen.

But after 15 years of her never missing a Seder and hearing me brag about things like my $350 Ralph Lauren scarf that I purchased for  (drumroll) $99 I was well under way to putting a kink in her high toned armor.

Once I even brought her to Brooklyn to buy curtains in a Hassidic store. She did stick out like a tulip in a bowl of carrots and she wondered why the salesman in the yarmulke showed her several choices without once looking her in the eye but I could tell she felt very “ethnic”.


Here’s the problem. This will be the second Passover that she won’t be in New York.  I’m so afraid she’ll backslide and next time I see her she’ll be saying “shan’t” and her pinky will be up.

I have a plan though. I’m going to go to New Mexico and work on my dream of making an all Yiddish speaking Santa Fe.

6 thoughts on “344. Given enough time I could have the Pope saying “Oy Vey”

  1. “She did stick out like a tulip in a bowl of carrots” (ROFL) that’s the best phrase I’ve heard in years! 🙂

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