345 With Harry Reems dead there goes my chance for remarriage.

One disappointment after another. But like my very good friend, Elton John says “I’m still standin”

Here’s something that surprises me.I got my first rejection of my book submission. It’s not the rejection, it’s the fact that it didn’t get me down one bit. In fact I took it better than the Harry Reems thing.

Mainly because my niece Julie, who writes like a dream, said she got a few rejections too before her huge successes. And also because writing this blog is what gives me something to look forward to every day. Anything else is gravy.

Also you know how I’m always having epiphanies? Well I had another one.

Women of my generation were raised to believe that not having a husband was a failure. Maybe not all women but certainly the ones in my family.

If you recall when dave first left I was terrified because I wouldn’t have a person of my own. I couldn’t say “we” like or don’t like something.

I have always had a boyfriend and later a husband. I truly never thought of myself as a single entity. In periods that I was alone I was just “in waiting” for the other part to complete me.

Well without even realizing it I have become fully formed. I noticed the other day that I am happier than I’ve ever been. I wake up in the morning and my day only consists of what only I want to do and I like it.

In fact the thought of bringing someone else in whose opinion I’d have to consider seems very unappealing.

I’m not saying I’d never want anyone else in my life, just that I don’t want anyone who’s going to want me to take care of him. I’d want someone with his own direction and interests who wouldn’t count on me to make him whole.

Maybe that’s why losing Harry was such a bummer. He had a career and interests of his own and I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a sailboat.

I don’t like sailboats.


14 thoughts on “345 With Harry Reems dead there goes my chance for remarriage.

  1. You should have dedicated an entire blog to Harry Reems. Your readers surely remember his most famous role as the male counterpart to Linda Lovelace in the 1972 classic “Deep Throat.”

    He was a pioneer whose battle for First Amendment rights paved the way for the adult film industry to enter the mainstream. This from fellow thespian, and former Queens special ed teacher, Ron Jeremy, “The Hedgehog.”
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  2. Well David, you’re a true humanitarian. I’m sure my readers will appreciate your little slice of history which gives this post the clarity it needed. I’m equally sure that Lizzie will kill you for once again putting your email address on your comment.

  3. (ROFL) Thank you David, I thought Mattie was talking about James Herbert who also died this week, I guess I was a little off track there! 🙂

    • but, a little PS here, I’m so happy to read that you look forward to your daily writing and that your life is on track Mattie!

      • PPS: but wait, what do you mean you don’t want anyone else in your life? You have Us and we love you 🙂

  4. Today I learned two very important things. 1: I love Mattie even more today than yesterday. 2: Ron Jeremy was a special Ed teacher.

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