346. John Wayne was bloodied but not bowed.

Last night I was sitting in my chair minding my own business thinking that not much is doing when I get an email from David.

The subject : Lucky to be alive!!

Been in Beth Israel ER for 3 hrs. I fell in the gap getting off the 6 train at Union Sq.  Luckily some good Samaritans pulled me out before the train left and tore my leg off. Just got out of ex ray and in hopes that it is only a very bad bruise. Think I’ll live but will be needing some vicodin.


I immediately called him and  offered to come down but his son was with him and they were leaving the Hospital and going to get something to eat.

When I got up I sent him an email telling him to call when he got up and I went to get him his favorite breakfast, an everything bagel with cream cheese.

When  got back he was up and I went over there.

I fully expected him to be somewhat chastened by his close brush with death and dismemberment and maybe be a better person as a result.

I was encouraged by his first words,

“There’s a bullet out there that will find me one night but that night was not last night”

The fact that he didn’t say it in John Wayne’s voice added to my hopefulness.

But those hopes were quickly dashed. He proceeded to tell me all about the different ethnic groups  that were clogged into the ER wasting the doctor’s time when they should have been caring for his fully tax payed for hematoma.

Well he didn’t really know it was a hematoma until after the ex ray but one thing he did know was that a WASP’s hematoma trumps a gang members bullet wound in any arena. In his descriptions he spoke in what he believed to be the speech cadence of each of them in case I  wasn’t hip to the articles of fruit and vegetables titles that he gave to each minority present.

But as always I will look past his shitty personality to the sweet heart that supported and comforted me in my time of need even though I’m a kike.

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