347.Don’t worry, I’ll write.

Dr Phil has been on repeats all this past week because of March Madness.

Today I’m going out of town for 4 days so I wonder if I should post my best loved blogs for those days. Would it be the one where I couldn’t find my pants? How about when I take pi to the 342nd numeral? Or is the most important one the one where I explain levitation?

Actually it won’t be any of these.  I’ll be spending the days with 3 dogs, either 2 or 4 cats( they’re slippery little bastards), 2 donkeys and 2 horses. I  can’t even imagine that one or more of these guys won’t piss me off to the point of having to whine out my complaints via the internet. And since there won’t be any TV there I’ll have even more time on my hands than I usually do.

Did I also mention that at 5 p.m. every day I’m expected to go down the driveway and put 11 piles of grain out in a circle so the deer can eat it.

Steph told me that even though the 11 deer will be there waiting for me I am not to speak or make eye contact with any of them.

I remember one time when dave did an arrangement for Frank Sinatra. Everyone in the studio was told to stay out of the hall so that when Old Blue Eyes came in he wouldn’t have to look at them.

About 1/2 hour before Mr Rat Pack’s expected arrival, dave called me in a panic. He had forgotten to bring the original demo tape of “LA Is My Lady” to the date and Frankie’s people insisted on having it returned so the songs couldn’t be leaked.

I ran out, jumped in a cab and rushed to the studio. dave met me in the hall just as Frank and his entourage arrived.

Frank’s head spun around when he saw us there and you could see the shock on his face at this breach of security. He didn’t say anything though and just kept walking.

Since I dodged a bullet that time ( get it? dodged a bullet? Frank Sinatra, the mob? bullets?), I won’t make the same  mistake again.

Those deer can be dancing the jig and they won’t get so much as a peek from me.

2 thoughts on “347.Don’t worry, I’ll write.

  1. Can your doorman take care of the deer feeding? And maybe the guy from your local deli can feed the donkeys :-). If Frank can have an entourage why not you?

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