351.Dogs, cats and wedding rings.

Here’s why I’m crazy. I spent the whole week bitching when I was up at Steph’s but last night my bed seemed kind of empty without a million animals in it.

I did my share of damage while I was there though. I turned her big old black dog of mysterious heredity who was always a saint into somewhat of a brat.

When I’d sit on the couch reading, he’d come in and bark and wag his tail until I got up and went into my room so he’d have company lying on the bed.

In addition all her animals are twice as fat as they were when she left.


That’ll teach her no to ask me to dog and cat sit again.

I have a wonderful day planned today. Julie and I are going to spend it together doing whatever we want.

It’s almost 2 years since dave expressed his wish to date.

Would I be jumping the gun if I sold my wedding ring now? Not the engagement ring. I’m too Jewish to ever take that one off. Will I have to give dave half of what I get?

I remember when dave used to say “What’s mine is his and what’s his is mine”

My answer was always, “Then I’m going to put a bullet in my half of your mother”

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