350. A lovely day, lunch, Target and pictures of weenies.

Well I’m going home today with my skin and spleen still attached.

None of the dogs or cats got eaten and except for a bit of shoving when the horses tried to eat the hay I was bringing them before I put it down, everything went swimmingly.

Yesterday was pretty good in fact. My friend Ronnie came up to visit.

When she got off the train she was carrying a big suitcase on wheels.

“I’m moving in. Just kidding these are my vacation pictures”

I know you’re all saying why would I want to look at someone else’s photos of their trip.

Well you’d be wrong. I’m so impressed with Ronnie and her husband Dave. They travel around the world and go to places that  I wouldn’t think of going, Egypt, Machu Picchu, Gallopoli, Africa .

I like to look at her pictures so I don’t have to go there. I don’t like to travel anyplace where the bedspread doesn’t match the curtains.

This trip was to India. I was thinking that she was such an intellectual until I looked at the photos. A good number of them were of men’s pee pees. It seems that there are a bunch of men there who walk around naked with ash on themselves.

Here’s a pee pee man bending over, here’s one combing his hair, and don’t ignore the one checking the fruit until he found just the right apple.


She must have run out of film that day because the next set of pictures had a similar but quite different theme, still pee pees but this time not in the flesh. It was carvings of the Kama Sutra.

Speaking of pee pees and I believe I was, I never knew there were so many places to put them while still smiling for the sculptor.

I’m going to be looking at my friend with different eyes. Clearly she and her husband are sluts.

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