356. Being part of the Christian right is hard, especially if you’re Jewish.

Things are in disarray in my world.

My brother-in-law Paul has the flu so he and my sister may not be able to go to Annapolis this weekend for their granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

This is more than a tragedy. I know that a lot of families like to get together but we really love it. If we look around a room and 9 out of 11 people can give us a kidney, we’re happy.

We’re very close. Why yesterday I found out that Julie and I take the same mental patient pills. That must mean something.

We are connected in so many ways. We all laugh at the same things. We all care about the same things. Well maybe not everything. My sister and her husband are so committed to leaving no carbon footprint that sometimes it can be icky.

Last year we were all having dinner there when my brother in law walked around the table cutting chives from his garden into each of our salads.

I was saying “How Martha Stewart” when Julie mumbled under her breath, “It would be if I hadn’t seen the dog pissing on those chives a half hour ago”.


Just so you don’t get the wrong idea (and that my sister doesn’t smack me in the head) I must say that as a couple they give more of themselves to the world than anyone I know.

Also a meal at their house is always a treat, just pass on the salad. Not the whole salad, just the chives.

So I’m going to spend today praying and praying that Paul beats this flu before tomorrow. Not the whole day but most of the day cause I’m going to Brooklyn for a mani pedi with Susan.

Wait, maybe I can pray all day. I can drive and pray and pray and get my nails done. I may not be able to pray during lunch because it wouldn’t be seemly.

Chomp chomp “Lordy lordy please heal Paul” chomp slurp “so he can go to Lily’s Bat” chomp “Mitzvah”.

Ah sure I can. If God delivered after he heard me praying for a seven during a card game, he’ll surely listen to me here when I’m being so selfless.

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