363. It’s possible that I might be dead of poison by the time you read this.

I understand that you want to save the earth. I’m an earth fan myself.

But that doesn’t mean that when there is green furry shit on the ricotta cheese you can scrape it off and serve the rest of it without saying a word and only mentioning that we need more ricotta cheese when someone who is kindly visiting (me) and has already eaten it offers to refill the little serving bowl .


And the bowl, like the rest of the pottery in this house,  is adorable.

It’s ceramic and has happy flowers on it with a little matching ceramic spoon disguising the plague ridden crap inside of it so you can pass off the last little remnants of poison to unwary fools because heaven forbid you might be asked to throw it out if someone doesn’t eat it and there goes the future.

I also noticed he didn’t eat any.  BTW I’m talking about my brother in law, Paul. When I questioned him about this his answer was “Don’t worry, I only put out the white part”


So I say to all you earth loving whackos, you know who you are.

I know you want your grandchildren to have clean sunny air but do I have to eat old cheese so that little Violet won’t ever have a little haze in the sky?

5 thoughts on “363. It’s possible that I might be dead of poison by the time you read this.

  1. My mother-in-law would have pulled the same stunt, but not for ecological reasons, if you know what I mean. She regularly came down with “unexplained stomach bugs.” (Ewww)
    Continue to love your blog 🙂

  2. Hell, you’re healthy as a horse now, that’s just penicillin in the raw form! 🙂 Organic and all that stuff (rofl)

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