364.I try to make my blog educational and I think I’ve achieved that.

Miss Liz is home for a few days and that’s making all of us on the 18th floor (me and David) very happy.

Because she’s here David is being much nicer to me. Why just yesterday morning he brought me a fresh bagel for my breakfast.

He delivered it by throwing it against my door from down the hall. I was so touched that I ran over to thank him. It took me a few minutes to show my appreciation because he put the chain on his door so I couldn’t get in. Luckily Liz heard the rattling of the lock so she gave David what for and opened up.


I know that some people would give the little lovebirds some time alone which I do. They have from midnight to 7 a.m. to coo sweet nothings to each other. I also know however that neither one of them would want to miss the lively conversations that are a result of the three of us sharing the mornings together.

There is always something to be learned in the give and take of three different points of view, two sane (me and Lizzie) and one stupid (him).

Why just yesterday David tried to put me down because I didn’t have the exact population of the United States at my fingertips. I thought it was 8 million. But I quickly proved that with a little brain power and my math skills I was able to rectify my mistake once I realized that I was thinking of New York rather than the whole country, something that in my mind isn’t exactly false, I multiplied the 8 million by 50 which is pretty clever since some states have more people and some less. I came to an approximate count of 400 million which is really close to the Census Bureau’s count of 314 million.

See? I realized my mistake and used the new information to get the correct answer.

And besides, unless I’m planning on buying them all  jackets, who gives a shit how many people are in the United States?

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