370 Friendship, Friendship, just the perfect Blendship

I was talking to David the other day and I mentioned that my friend had wanted to talk about dave’s motivations but I realized that since it wouldn’t change anything I wasn’t interested in discussing it. I simply didn’t care.

David said “Well you still write about him”

My answer to that was “Only in terms of how it effects me now”

For example my sister just had her knee replaced. She needs someone with her all the time. Without a husband I won’t have that.

“What about all those relatives you keep yapping about?” He actually said “loser relatives”.

I explained that they would definitely be there for me. But they have lives. They can’t live with me and I wouldn’t want them to.

I went on to say that he, on the other hand, would have me. “I would care for you until Lizzie came home. In fact I think I’d like to have you in my power.”

His rolled his eyes and said “It would be like the movie “Misery”


He added, “Of course you know that if the tables were turned, except for my throwing a bagel at your door each morning, you wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of me returning the favor.

I know he didn’t mean that. After the first day he’d never remember to throw a bagel at my door.

11 thoughts on “370 Friendship, Friendship, just the perfect Blendship

  1. Pfffft! We have a spare bedroom, you get a knee replaced just hop on down to Florida, we go bagels too 🙂

  2. If you get a knee replaced, you can spend some time here amid the green trees and we’ll make sure you have some fun and friends while you recuperate.

  3. To add to the “misery mood” there’s also an old song called “Misery” that I sang years ago..I knew about misery even at 18! .Anyway, right before throwing the bagel at David, I could be singing “Misery” in the background over a piano track…really authenticating the misery mood. Big-time! I’m so excited! Whaddyathink? No answer required. I can see it all in technicolor..like those old hollywood movies, where a song would come on from out of nowhere setting the scene, so to speak. Bagels are not only for eating. Very good for throwing. C a r o l F r e d e t t e w w w . c a r o l f r e d e t t e . c o m

  4. you can come here. I already have 2 chair lifts, & i can set you up with a commode next to your bed if need be. Plus you’ll have your own tv etc. xxx

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