373. Ya got some free time? Don’t waste it on doing good deeds. Take in a movie.

My sweet sister, Marcia, who is slowly recovering from having her knee replaced. DID Y OU HEAR ME PEOPLE? REPLACED!  NOT PATCHED UP ! REPLACED!

In spite of this she dragged herself to a meeting of the Library for her town. Since I don’t consider any town other than NYC a real town, it is in my opinion a fictional town.

Now my darling sister, who’s always been known in my family as the “sweet” sister, (I’ve told you about her before. She is always trying to save the world and keep the earth clean)  has donated her time to this fictional library in this fictional town. She has lugged books and gone to meetings and worked at functions to earn money so that the people in her “town” can have access to books and computers.

So how is she repaid? She went to that meeting last night. Did I say “went”?  What I meant to say was she limped to that meeting last night and some fucker yelled at her.


It upset her so much that she didn’t sleep all night. She felt a little better when she spoke to her friend Patty, who also works at the library. You remember Patty, the sucker who returned $11,000 to Brinks when it fell out of their truck.

You can see that the kind of ne’er do wells that work in this place deserve to be abused.

I”m sure it will all pass and if the person that yelled at my sister, probably for being too pretty, gets what he deserves namely a fat lip, I know I’ll feel better.

Since I am a person that uses everything as a learning experience I will take what I can from this which is don’t do nuthin for nobody because it will bite you in the ass.

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