383. Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee

So yesterday I had my “nose job”.

I had sent Julie all the information so she could pick me up. The email had the address of the hospital, the name of the doctor and the phone number to call to see when she should come and get me.

Her response. “And you are?”

After the operation Julie was waiting for me. I was wearing a big bandage covering the whole left side of my face. For some reason my nose was completely uncovered.

She leaned forward and said in a very loud voice ” Mattie, it’s me, Julie”.

The kid never let’s me down.

Since the hospital is only 6 blocks from my home we walked.  At one point my niece was distracted by a text and I walked into a chain link fence but other than that the trip home was uneventful and my little button nose remained intact.


It was so not a big deal that I’m thinking of having my other nose done in 2 weeks.

10 thoughts on “383. Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee

  1. Hope your recovery is going well. Mike was going to call you to clear up the cops and jerks incident. I’m not sure the neighbor who’s used to total quiet will adjust easily to recently post college outgoing young adults. I can understand their delema since I live in a retirement community and relish in the peace and quiet. So sorry……..Peggy

    • Peggy,
      I really didn’t care at all. Let them have a great time.
      Mike did email me.
      I hope he doesn’t feel like I’m putting pressure on him and his friends to please the neighbors. Assure them that as long as my house is still standing at the end of the summer I couldn’t care less what the neighbors say.
      Come to think of it since I’m insured I don’t even care if it’s still standing.:)

  2. I’m not sure why it says my comment is awaiting moderation!!
    But if it wants to moderate me I certainly could use it 🙂

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