385. If you know how to build a car does it matter if you do it naked?

I’m going to discuss politics today.

People are running for Mayor of New York.  This is a City known for it’s great Mayors but the new crop seems like a bunch of lightweights.

I used to like Anthony Weiner before he,  you know,  started showing his weiner.  I’d watch him on news shows or Bill Maher and mostly agree with him.

I may even still like him but whenever I say this Julie jumps down my throat and starts yelling about his poor judgement and David just makes a shooting sign in the air.


My theory is that you can be a schmuck and still be able to do brain surgery. Sexual preference or even weird stuff as long as it doesn’t involve children or animals doesn’t affect your ability to run a company, a city or even a country.

I’d vote for Bill Clinton, and FDR and John Kennedy again in a heartbeat.

This sounds like I’m pushing for Anthony Wiener for Mayor. I’m not.  I’m just saying that if I’m forced to vote for him because the others are so lame it won’t be the worst thing.

Speaking of politics. Everyone is all up in arms about the President inspecting all our stuff. What’s the big deal? Maybe he’s just doing it because he’s nosy.

And you people didn’t think I was an intellectual.

Besides, my two eyes see differently so I’m acting crazy.

18 thoughts on “385. If you know how to build a car does it matter if you do it naked?

  1. I totally agree about Weiner. I like him except for “that”! But “that” won’t stop me from voting for him….not unless u or Allan tell me
    not to!!!

    And who knows about all the mishaghas that goes on with so many others that we don’t find out about!!
    See, we talked politics!! ; )

  2. I don’t even know where to begin. When a smarmy clown who emails pictures of his “junk” to total strangers, and he is the front runner….that’s too fucked up even here in the People’s Republic of New York. Maybe hold you nose and look at the Republicans! Obama, no comment. He’s done I hope. Finally which election did you vote for FDR? 32 0r 34?

  3. Read what you wrote. You clearly said that you would vote for FDR “again.” Clearly 32 or 36 was a shot….40 or 44?

  4. Best part of this whole post? Your response to Susan about dave’s two-timingness not impinging on his song-writing ability. GO MATTIE!

  5. Tell Wiener to keep his Oscar Mayer out of public places. I don’t see a problem for NYC, I think @67anddumped should run for Mayor!!!!! 🙂

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