386. I wonder if the government knows where I put my brown shoes.

Last night I had a dream that I was in the crowd yelling at Hillary Clinton for doing a commercial for some kind of anti aging cream.

I think that’s because my recent interest in politics, i.e. Anthony Wiener and wiretapping Americans, has brought my smart side to the forefront.

I say this even  though my nephew, who thinks because he’s a doctor and went to Cornell, saw fit to correct my usage of the word “effect” as opposed to “affect”.

I’m a forgiving person so I won’t mention that in the seventh grade he failed his bicycle test and had to walk to school while his friends could ride.

And even if he corrects me again I won’t mention the fact that when he was two he was so stupid that when I put a half slip on my head he no longer recognized me and thought I was the story princess.

Back to how smart I’m getting.

I’m a little relieved that I’ve become a political animal because up to now my attention was mostly taken up with all of the “Housewife” drama and whether Kanye will appear on next season’s Kardashian show etc.

I was starting to think that I’m vapid.

Now that I see that that couldn’t be further from the truth I am going to begin planning my future even though I, like Dudley Do-right’s girlfriend, Nell, for the present have one good eye.

I just have to figure out a way to make money.

Maybe I’ll run for Mayor.

I could take the Obama path and ask each of my Twitter followers to send in one dollar.

I’m sure a campaign chest of $271 would be enough to get my name out there.

And if not, I could buy myself a lovely sweater.

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