387 Will work for black blouses

In an effort to earn money I submitted 3 pieces to a well known magazine.


Since you all know how clever I think I am you won’t be surprised to learn that as soon as I sent my stuff in I put a Chevy Nova and a pair of grey slacks on lay away.

You can imagine my surprise when they rejected my entries.

At first I was pretty sad.

But not one to give up easily, I realized that I must regroup.

I reasoned that even though that particular magazine didn’t appreciate my writing I wouldn’t let it get me down.

After all 271 twitter followers can’t be wrong.

My next plan is to bombard every magazine that strikes my fancy with my stuff. If any particular periodical hasn’t  published anything similar to what I write maybe some free thinker will want to think “outside the envelope” and expand their readership to include plucky losers .  I won’t leave any stone unturned.

Does anyone know someone at “Titanic Tits”?

9 thoughts on “387 Will work for black blouses

  1. If you saw me in person you understand when I say that “Titanic Tits” (if there even such a mag, would be the last thing on my reading list.) Keep sending in those submissions and I’ll do what I can on my end to bump up your following. Don’t want you to have to take the Nova and pants off layaway.

  2. Don ‘t know anybody at the publication you mentioned, however give ” Barely Legal ” a try. I hope this helpful.

  3. Just a thought, but what about an “Agony Aunt” column based on “67” to one of the magazines?

  4. Pfffft! Just change the font and resubmit, they won’t remember they have seen it before. Once you figure out which font they accept you’re in like Flint!

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