399. There are heroes and then there is me.

Yes Miss Liz and Rupert are home , at least for a little while.

The eighteenth floor is happy again. Yesterday I saw David smile.

I have been thinking and thinking lately.  Nothing momentous, just stuff.

My niece, Julie, might be the best person I  know. She doesn’t just say she’s good, she’s willing to do hard things.

It was 1000 degrees yesterday and muggy. She, Violet and I were sitting on my couch having wine in air conditioned comfort waiting for it to be dinner time. Not Violet, we cut her off after 2 because the kid can’t hold her liquor.

Suddenly Julie looked at her phone and said “I may have to go to Brooklyn. People were traveling from Connecticut to pick up a rescue french bulldog and they may not be able to make it before the shelter closes”

I could drag this story out but I won’t. When she made sure that the dog wouldn’t be put down and it seemed like the people would get there on time or would be able to pick up the dog the next morning it was no longer necessary for her to go.

Here’s the thing. She was prepared to drag her kid on the hot train, pick up the dog, bring it home by taxi (something she can ill afford) to her 3 killer dogs and keep him until the people could come get him.

I would have wanted to be that person but I hate to be hot.


2 thoughts on “399. There are heroes and then there is me.

  1. Gosh, Mattie. You sure know how to start a girl’s day with a warm heart! Love that story….Julie is quite wonderful…as is her aunt. C a r o l F r e d e t t e w w w . c a r o l f r e d e t t e . c o m

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