398. Patriotic thoughts

New York is so nice they named it twice.

Nobody wants to blow up Guam because no one would be mad at them if they did.

There is no town in the United States where you can’t get a pizza.

Though only a few Americans say “youse” all of them know it’s a plural.

If you forget your recipe for pot roast and it was in an email that your friend sent you last year and you don’t have that account any more you can call the White House and ask them to send you a copy of it and they will.

If you are invited to a July fourth BBQ and the host tells you that you have to sit at the children’s table because everyone else is a couple and you are a single due to something that is not your fault you can say “No way Jose”. If you were French you’d have to do it.

They don’t call American cheese AMERICAN cheese for nothing.

Thank you.

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