397. “Though a person is a shit, proximity allows you to keep them as a friend” Tolstoy

Miss Liz and Rupie are coming home tomorrow so we’re all excited.

They are having a BBQ  for July 4 and in preparation Lizzie has had delivered a new table and chairs for her terrace.

When they arrived I called David at work to let him know.

I said they were in big boxes so he told me to offer the guy “an Andrew Jackson” to remove them from the boxes and take the boxes away.

I asked the guy who immediately said “No.”.

I called David and said the good news, bad news thing , “You still have twenty bucks but there are six huge boxes on your terrace.”

Always grateful, he started screaming at me that once again I fucked up and played it all wrong, “You should have let him see the twenty while you were asking him.”

“And what if he takes the twenty and still says no. What shot would I have in getting the money back from you?”

He had to admit I had a point.

This morning he called me and advised me that it was time to unbox the furniture.

I had told him when the stuff arrived that maybe we should save the boxes in case Liz wants to send it back but he poo pooed that. ( I should note that when Liz called later and told him not to throw out the boxes he said “Mattie wanted to throw them out but I said not to”. I spend my life under the bus)

It turned out that since it rained yesterday the boxes were soaked and there was no saving them.

I went over and we began uncrating the furniture. He kept referring to his “weak left arm” and instructing me to hold the heavy parts and lug the boxes into the hall.

He let me know if it wasn’t for the arm thing plus the risk of passing another kidney stone he’d be happy to be more of a help.

After we finished and he posed smiling for a picture at the table for me to send to his lady love I reminded him that I was almost 70 so he might have pushed himself a bit more.

Naturally he felt bad. I’m sure when he said that he was glad I waited until it was all finished to remind him of that, what he meant was

“I shouldn’t have let you do all that heavy lifting. Only a real prick would take advantage of an old lady that way.”

4 thoughts on “397. “Though a person is a shit, proximity allows you to keep them as a friend” Tolstoy

  1. Glad to hear Miss Liz and Rupie are coming home. In fact, as I write this they are probably all settled back in. It’s been a long time and I hope that they are home for an extended period. You really shouldn’t have to *handle* David all by yourself…no one should. Liz must truly love that guy and you her 🙂

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