401. Today I’m going to discover radioactivity or wash my hair; Madame Curie

Miss Liz and Rupie went back to Santa Fe last night.

I tried to cheer myself up this morning by watching Britney Spear’s new video with her kids and the Smurfs.

It helped a little.

I have to say it was good having Liz home. The whole 18th floor was feeling happy again.

David kept his racial and religious slurs to a minimum and except for his side splitting joke (to him)  of inviting me over and then putting on the chain so I couldn’t get in he was pretty nice to me.

It’s not one of his new jokes but at least now Liz screamed at him when he did it.

It was also good having one on one time with Rupert but I have to say at 15 he’s not as chatty as he used to be. He spent a good deal of the time sawing logs.

When I woke up today I decided that I’m going to stop putting off my future just because I’m scared. I’m going to buy a bunch of magazines and submit stuff to all of them.

Julie says that it’s helpful to know someone when you send your stuff.  Luckily I saw Neil Sedaka eating lunch in a diner near me yesterday. I think he was having soup. He didn’t speak or look at me but since that diner only gets a B in cleanliness I’m sure that a man of the people like Neil who clearly doesn’t give a shit what he eats won’t mind me dropping his name.

So I’m going to roll up my sleeves and polish up my articles and dip my toe in the literary waters so I can get rich and famous.

Or I’m going to go see “Grown ups 2”

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