411.Sometimes there is just no right side of the bed to wake up on.

I’m going back to Steph’s house tomorrow.

It seems that she had to jump up and run on her bad foot in order to grab a live woodpecker out of her cat’s mouth. Clearly she isn’t getting the care she needs without me being there.

I know people really love living in the country but,  huh?

And that cat needs a talking to also. Why would he even want to eat woodpecker?

Speaking of eating. I had dinner with Julie today.

We both were feeling a little low. In fact when I walked in she said “You look like I feel”. Not flattering but true assuming she felt like shit.

Again continuing with the theme, (this is what makes me a brilliant though undiscovered writer) speaking of shit, when questioned, Julie admitted that her low feelings had to do with her apartment getting an influx of roaches and when she woke up this morning one of her dogs took a dump in the hall and when she picked it up a roach ran out from under it.

Anyway once we got to the root of her problem, Julie and I perked up and went out to dinner.

I never found out what was bothering me, probably not being able to watch CBS because of fucking Time Warner but seeing Julie made me happy because I love her so much and tomorrow I’m seeing someone else I love, Stephanie, so no complaints here.

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