412. Tell me again, why would anyone live in the country?

I’m back home again and not a minute too soon.

Once Stephanie started feeling better her real personality came back.

I was kind enough to drive her all over, to the doctor, to the grocery store, even to Walmart’s where she got into one of those riding carts and drove all over the place at top speed. She actually ran into me twice and sorry isn’t a word that passes her lips.

Speaking of speed, she couldn’t stop criticizing how slow I drive., “Are we even moving?”

I explained that since I had gotten a  written warning for driving in her neighborhood at 45 in a 35 mph zone I wasn’t taking any chances. I couldn’t take being thrown in the slammer even if it was just to get printed and released on my own recognizance so she could just keep her snotty remarks to herself.

I’m not a fast driver anyway. It was once said that if I hit someone with my car, I’d just shove them down the block.

Anyway I’m back in my home. I have to admit it’s kind of lonely here.

Liz is in Santa Fe, David is with her and my arch enemy has returned to her home in Meanland so there’s no one on the floor but me.

Speaking of Liz, a bear broke into her father’s house.

On second thought, being lonely isn’t the worst thing.

2 thoughts on “412. Tell me again, why would anyone live in the country?

  1. And the bear even turned the faucet around so that it was running out the window, down the side of the house–a nice little outdoor shower. xoxo

  2. Don’t know what I’d do without reading your “installments …always make me smile and often laugh out loud. Mostly the latter. car C a r o l F r e d e t t e w w w . c a r o l f r e d e t t e . c o m

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