416. Saturday Night Fever

I don’t have a theme today. Both too much and nothing much has happened.

First of all as some of you may know, Julie has become my Saturday night date.

For about three weeks She has been saying that she has a hankering for Mexican food. Unfortunately Violet would not give the okay on that so we decided to go Mexicali this weekend without her.

Because we’re both social network savvy, especially Julie, we put it out on Twitter that we wanted a good, not fancy, Mexican restaurant.

We got loads of responses. We sifted through them, discussed them thoroughly and then went to one that no one recommended that was just near my house.

It was so stinky that as we were going home we both blamed each other for the choice. Actually she blamed me because she’s the kid. I blamed her too but I kept it to myself because any time  you criticize Julie she says “I didn’t ask to be born”.

I don’t want to say that my family cares a lot about meals but it’s two days later and every phone call from her starts with her saying how much she hated that meal. This morning she told me that we would have done better heating up a can of Old El Paso.

That dinner pretty much ruined our whole evening because afterwards we had planned to go back to my house but Julie was so mad that she just decided to go home.

I don’t think it was the bad meal. We never feel like doing anything after we eat because we’re usually a. drunk and b. full.

Note to self:  If we want to extend the evening, we should eat later than 4:30 .

Anyway I took my time walking home and went in to Barnes and Noble and bought a book. It was really hot so I decided to walk though Duane Reade air conditioning to cool off.  (Note my product placement. “Hellooooo, send me free stuff)

I no sooner stepped into the store when, speaking of free stuff, some guy, I think he was the pharmacist, offered me a FREE flu shot.

Not one to turn down a freebie I immediately agreed and voila I’m flu free. At least I’m pretty sure I am. Do pharmacists have tattoos?

My arm is pretty swollen and red today. Ah I’m sure it was a flu shot. What else could it have been?


4 thoughts on “416. Saturday Night Fever

  1. You should have gone to El Parador on 34th Street. Why didn’t I think of that before? And there we were in Mexico this week and there were Italian restaurants everywhere. xoxo

  2. A pharmacist in an air conditioning store??? Maybe he shot you up with FREON…….It wouldn’t leave you with a red swollen arm but rather a “COLD” Haaa

  3. OK shoulda asked me. Shoulda stayed on the west side where the Mexican is mucho good. Hear Noche Mexicana on 101 and Amsterdam is very good and $$ for price – for the next time! R

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  4. Sorry to hear the meal was less than perfect, especially on your Sat night date! How about you & Julie (and Violet) hop on a plane to Portland OR and I will make you both a lovely Mexican meal (for free and it will include tequila). BTW, the bagels are almost gone, both Evan & Barry agree they are the best! You bring the NY bagels and I will cook up the Mexican Meal! Love You

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