415. The Tenth of Violet

Busy week busy week.

Most importantly I went to the first of Violet’s many tenth birthday parties.

Since she was born in the summer, all her friends are still in camp or tap dancing their way across the United States so her first birthday party was attended by all adults, her parents, grandparents, aunt, and dear adult friends who could be counted on to come up with good presents.

Even though she was the star of the evening, something that would be apparent to anyone with eyes, since she was dressed to the nines in a lovely blue cocktail dress, each guest was greeted with a spa treatment given by the birthday girl herself.

Luckily her grandparents had given her some kind of foot thing filled with swamp water and colored pebbles that popped all over your feet while you relaxed to a somewhat painful neck massage.

It didn’t stop there. She also worked on your coiffure.

As everyone knows, no proper hairstyle can occur without a thorough wet down, after which perfection is reached by using a 1 inch Barbie brush to fluff it up.  This was topped with the attachment of a lovely barrette that it seems was only on loan because attempting to leave the house with it still in your hair would certainly be frowned upon by the Birthday Girl because she ain’t made of butterfly barrettes.

The eats were top o’ the line, pigs in blankets, cheese and crackers, and all the pizza you could swallow.

Everyone had a lovely time. When the evening ended with the blowing out of the candles on a home made cake shaped like a monster with big teeth we all hugged and looked forward to Violet’s next party which I think will be on Thursday.

After all, hitting double digits is a real big deal.

5 thoughts on “415. The Tenth of Violet

  1. I know I was there, but you captured this so beautifully I think you might be asked to cover parties for Town and Country. (seriously, laughed so hard I was crying)

  2. Great, Mattie!!! loved reading about Violet’s 10th and your vivid descriptions. So funny…. C a r o l F r e d e t t e w w w . c a r o l f r e d e t t e . c o m

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