423. I’m thinking of twerking at my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah

One of my pet peeves is being dismissed because I’m old but after giving it some thought I realized that it’s partly my fault.

I am not embracing new things until they are a memory in the minds of the younger set. I remember when I used to laugh at my sister Iris  who referred to me as a “swinging single” in my twenties about 2 years after that was an acceptable expression.

Also how funny was it to see our parents in leisure suits? Bad example, they were never in style.

Why just this  morning I was talking to Julie and agreed with something she said by responding “For shizzle” when I clearly should have said “Word”.

I tried on a pair of those pants the other day, I don’t know what they call them but they look like harem pants with a low slung crotch. I didn’t buy them because I kept falling down when I tried walking in them but I’m going right back to that store and getting them today. I can practice at home until they become a second skin.

I might get a tattoo also. Something on my ankle. Maybe a snake or a picture of  one of the “Lil’s”

Also I notice that I don’t stick my tongue out in photographs as much as I should.

Yep I’ve had it with people offering me a seat on the bus.

My friend texted me about yesterday’s blog entry saying that her boyfriend said that his dog would never pee inside.

First of all, I never said his dog peed. I said he did.

Plus, every dog that ever came in my house peed under that desk. Since it used to be dave’s desk I think it’s the animal kingdom showing what they think of dave leaving me.


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