422. Ya know that thing about killing the messenger?

I had a BBQ last night, actually it was yesterday because it started at 3 p.m.

It was really good. I think everyone had a nice time. Who doesn’t love turkey burgers and hot dogs? And loads of wine. I even had a pitcher of wine with fresh peaches in it which almost demands that you drink more than you might  if it wasn’t there.

Today I discovered that one of my guests peed 4 times under my desk. There was only one person there that I didn’t  know before.  It was probably him.

He did have a dog with him but he said she was house broken so it couldn’t have been her. It had to be the guy.

He’s dating a friend of mine. I wonder if I should warn her that if he comes to her house she should keep an eye on him.

Nah, just my luck to try and do a good deed and have her get all hoity toity claiming that I was framing him because he was a stranger to me. She’d probably even claim that I did it myself just to break them up, me being a woman alone.

Yep maybe I should  just keep this info in my vest pocket.  It’s only a matter of time before this guy pees or drops a deuce under her desk.

I’ll just smile knowingly when she tells me about it.



6 thoughts on “422. Ya know that thing about killing the messenger?

    • My little mini schnauzer, Sammie (girl) peed several times under my grand piano as a puppy when I thought she was completely housebroken. And, speaking of mortified, I took her to church with me to pick up music or practice the organ and I caught her peeing in front of the altar!!!!
      I blame myself though because I wasn’t paying attention. Aww, I miss my baby Sammie! I miss you too, Mattie!

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