427. Let’s say some day I die…. Nah that’s not gonna happen.

I went to Hugh McCracken’s memorial on Monday.

They kept playing a video with Hugh just talking and it felt like he was there.

So many people that loved him got up to speak and a few played.  You could hear a pin drop when  Will Lee sang  “Blackbird” in his beautiful soulful voice.

I came away with a few thoughts other than what a great musician Hugh was.

He made everyone feel like he really cared about them and was happy to see them.

People came from all over to pay their respects and return that love.

It was standing room only. I can’t imagine that many people showing up for me (something that many of the people at this thing said about themselves)

The memorial was held at a church affectionately known as the Jazz Church in the Citicorp building.

I’ve paid my respects to several musicians there.

I always expected to hold a memorial for dave there. I just assumed he’d die first and that all the musician’s that played with him would come and play his arrangements and I would receive their sympathy stoically.

Well I hope he tells his girlfriend where the jazz church is because if he wants a nice send off it will be up to her and if he has any regrets about leaving me, first on the list should be that I won’t be organizing his memorial. I do know how to throw a party.

In the old days if your dog died you had to put his body in a bag for the garbage men to pick up and you had to label it “dead dog”.

My sister Iris used to say to her children. Don’t come to my funeral. Visit me now. When I die you can just put me out on the curb in a bag with “dead mother” written on it.

So here’s what I want. When I die I want everyone I cared about and who cared about me to know I said “Thanks and See ya”

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