426. Give us your tired, your poor and your nuts.

It was an exciting weekend.

I spent Saturday night at Steph’s. She took me, her sister and her friend Donna to dinner theatre to see “Kiss Me Kate”.

The show was wonderful, beautiful music, talented actors, dancers and singers.

I did think there was one flaw. Remembering Howard Keel in the role, big strong and handsome, I originally thought that the guy who played the lead was too old. He had trouble lifting his young partner and he was a little jiggly in his tights.

I was clearly wrong though because at the end when he kissed Kate he had a big hard on.

Well not big but a hard on never the less.

And yesterday Miss Liz came home.

The 18th floor is whole again.

While David watched  the Dallas Cowboys, Lizzie and I went shopping.

Remember my telling you that when I’m uncomfortable I talk crazy? We were in the elevator with our packages when this giant handsome man got in with us.

For some reason I said ” You think we can’t beat you up but we can”. He didn’t miss a beat. He just smiled and said “I never doubted it for a minute.”

Julie would have cringed but Liz didn’t even blink. We’ve been friends for a very long time and she’s not related to me so my genes ain’t hers.

That was actually a New York story.  It’s such a high functioning city that you have to think on your feet all the time.

Another example of this happened only yesterday when I accidentally walked in front of a young man who was taking a photo of his friend.

When I apologized he said “Don’t be silly we were trying to get you in the picture”.

I’m so glad I live here. I can be as crazy as I want and no one cares.

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