439. Stupid is as stupid does

Okay. This is a solemn time for all of us.

We are grieving for the loss of a wonderful man. No attacks should be made during this time of mourning.

That is unless you are forced to take someone to task for being stupid so you have no choice.

I spent all morning writing my heartfelt memories of Dr.Tom .

Miss Liz called and said she liked it and asked if I had read David’s comment.

I hadn’t but I looked at it while she was on the phone.

It said “WTF no mention of me or Rupert?”

That alone would be fine only he followed it with his email address, his home phone number and 1/2 my blog.

When I told Liz she said “Please get it off, please” She’s constantly yelling at him for putting his private stuff on all his comments.

Here’s a personal message to David:

In answer to your question, since you and Liz are engaged, you were included when I made reference to his children and as for Rupert, I forgot.  Also when will you learn that if someone can’t even make their own TV work they should stay away from social media because it will only bite them in the ass?

BTW even though you are a terrible person I love you so much for being so strong for Liz during this time.

Oh yeah and for buying me that chinese meal.

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