456 Tell me again why some people don’t live in New York City

I’ve just passed my first night at Stephanie’s house minding her animals.

It’s like Noah’s Ark here. She has 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 barn cats, 2 house cats and 2 dogs. I’m only responsible for the dogs and the house cats. Steph’s friend Donna is caring for the big guys.

Not that she isn’t helpful with my tasks. Why just this morning she suggested that if the dogs come in with muddy feet i might want to go over the floor with a damp rag.

Yeah, I said to myself, good idea. Since I have all this extra time that I might be pissing away watching my favorite TV shows, why not fill that with a little scrubbing.

My own kitchen floor has a grape on it that I was seriously thinking of picking up before I left yesterday but with all the rushing it slipped my mind. Well maybe that’s not exactly true. It was more that I figured it would be so much easier to corner, what with how grapes roll, when I get home on Friday and it’s turned into a raisin.

So wash Steph’s floor? I don’t think so. My job here is to hug and kiss these dogs and cats, feed them and (hopefully) keep them from getting eaten by coyotes.

I do have a nice lunch planned though. I’m meeting Shelby, the genius who did those wonderful drawings for my blog. She gave me detailed directions to her house. I told her she only had to give me her address because I have a gps hidden under the seat of my car so no one will steal it, although David says that I needn’t bother to hide it because stealing that would be like stealing an abacus.

Well gotta go now. I have a big morning planned. I have to stare into space until about 11 and then dress for lunch, busy busy.

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