459. Well maybe just one more

Remember I told you that when Stephanie saw a woman driving all hunched forward with her cat draped across her neck she said “That would be you if you had a cat”

Well she hit the nail right on the head. During the night I turned on my side and Elvis curled up on my hip. I had to lie there in that position for over an hour until he moved.

Julie and Violet came for dinner last night. Elvis was walking on the table before I served the food.

“Waddaya think Julie, is he allowed on the table?”

Julie seemed to think it was my call. Although her dogs are so beautifully trained she still isn’t one to give advice.

I finally came to the conclusion that he could burn himself on the chicken so:

Rule number one – No being on the table during meals where hot food is being served.

I hope he doesn’t feel restricted . I don’t want him to feel like he’s in a military school.

Violet brought over my birthday present. It was something she made out of this craft thing she has that is something like stained glass only plastic.

It was a little teeny martini glass and a coaster that said “Happy Hour” on it. I feel that you have to be honest with kids so they know if they’re doing their best so I said,

“Violet I really love this. It’s so much better than that grey turdlike thing you made me last year. What the hell was that?”

I’m sure she appreciated my honesty.

Got a call from Captain Hugh this morning. He’s the guy who helped us with our boat about 10 years ago and calls on every holiday and near holiday asking for money, which I always send him.

He told me that he was sorry he couldn’t get in touch with me to wish me a happy new year,( although his groundhog day message was much appreciated and plenty good enough). I wished him the same and told him I’d call Western Union as soon as I hung up.

How come dave got the boat and I got Captain Hugh?

Oh yeah and here’s absolutely the last photo I’m posting of Elvis unless he learns how to juggle.

julie photo

9 thoughts on “459. Well maybe just one more

  1. Great!!! HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY, MATTIE DEAR!!!! Hope this year will be your BEST!! Hey, kiddo, stranger things have happened! Well, I’m gonna be sending those positive vibes out to you all year! Maybe a book deal, but something that will make you so so happy and fill your being with joy!!! I love you, Carol

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