458 Elvis is in the building


If I can keep my crazy under wraps this might be the perfect pet for me.

Last night I was a wreck because Elvis went under the bed and wouldn’t come out but during the night he jumped up on the bed and that’s where he slept.

I have purchased a variety of beds for him scattered about my house and he has ignored them all. Same with the toys.

This morning Liz, David and Rupert came over to see him.

Liz held Rupe and they just stared at each other. David got bored and went home.

After awhile we noticed that Elvis was gone. We looked all over and finally found him in Liz and David’s house on David’s lap. I have a cat with no taste.

I want you to know that this will be my final Elvis post. It’s even boring to me. I will however add my picture of Elvis and Rupert meeting.

rupe and elvis

12 thoughts on “458 Elvis is in the building

  1. Shelby’s illustration on this post is adorable but your photograph of Elvis on your lap with Rupert is simply precious. Welcome home Elvis! I’m sure everyone is going to be the best of friends with you, even Dave 🙂

    P.S. Really hoping that you do write more about Elvis from time to time

  2. I just had half hour discussion w/ my daughter about her new kitten, Viper. Please do write about Elvis in the future – at least explain just how he ended up at David’s?

  3. Oh my yes, you have to write more about Elvis! He will do cute things and funny things and make you crazy…….some “mew” material. Congratulations!

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