463. Mattie is the new boring.

Liz and Rupie are going back to Santa Fe tonight.

I will really miss them. David however will remain here and he has a new roommate, his son, Graham.

Graham broke up with his girlfriend and will be staying with  his dad for awhile. How this will effect the 18th floor I have no clue.

On one hand I expect to see less of David since I was never his first choice for company but on the other hand the bromance between David and Elvis seems quite strong.

We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

In either event, Graham has the flu so I’m not going near either one of them.

I think having my first cat has made me boring. Since nothing about him is familiar I am constantly amazed at his every activity.  When I talk on the phone I may interrupt the conversation with stuff like “Oh my, he’s licking his feet. I wonder if he needs shoes?”

Stephanie will cut me off quickly but others in my family are kinder. Though even my sister Marcia, who is the sweetest person I know, appears to be losing interest. Yesterday I actually  heard her humming while I was telling her how Elvis slid off the piano.

At least I have Elvis to keep me company. Well I will after Rupert goes back to Santa Fe. Those two are thick as thieves. When they’re together I can hardly get a word in edgewise.

4 thoughts on “463. Mattie is the new boring.

  1. The piano? Are you playing these days Mattie? Let’s have a cocktail party (very early) and i’ll entertain (cocktail music) I’m not kidding!

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