464. Tom Cruise is right. Being an actor and, it goes without saying, a writer, is harder than being a soldier.

When my world changes what I consider to be a necessity changes also.

For example when dave left, my friend Susan gave me a back scratcher that I can keep near my bed in case I itch.

Now I have socks on my night table so when Elvis attacks my hands during the night I can slip them on to sop up the blood.

Yep I roll with the punches.

And I hope my niece Cheryl is as flexible as I am.

She’s coming  to visit today. Well not just to visit, also to do some work.

Cheryl (Klam)and her co-writer Claudia (Gabel Lindvall) have written a book (the first of a series) called “Elusion” that is so successful that it’s becoming a movie and she’s  coming for some meetings and to work on book two.

She has her own room here with a computer so she can create in peace. There might be a slight glitch in this as is evidenced in the photo that I took when I tried to write this.

computerAnd that’s when he wasn’t attacking the mouse.

Ah she’s a trooper.

9 thoughts on “464. Tom Cruise is right. Being an actor and, it goes without saying, a writer, is harder than being a soldier.

  1. The comment attributed to Tom Cruise in your title today is disgraceful. To equate entertainers with brave men and women who die for our country is beyond the pale even for the likes of that weird little scumbag. How many of these people land at Dover Air Force base in a flag draped box?

    • Let’s not be so quick to attack, dwheeler. The quote is out of context and of course you can contrast and compare any two sets of occupations and be correct. I’ve made my life in music and not to compare my work with the severity of a soldiers, but a career in music or the arts is almost certain death! And, unfortunately, the contributions of both (on different levels of course) go mostly unnoticed. Sad but true. Plus, we ultimately choose our paths.

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