465. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

I believe I told you that my niece Cheryl is here to meet with some Hollywood people about the  movie  they’re making from her book “Elusion”. The road to this hasn’t been without it’s bumps.

I’m really proud of her. In fact on my wall is a copy of the email that she got from the producer telling her what a great writer she is and how happy he is to be working with her.  No sooner had she forwarded it to me when I got a hysterical phone call from her saying that her account had been hacked and an answer to his very thoughtful letter went out trying to sell him a penile implant. 

It seems the offer also went out to her co writer, both of their agents and her daughter’s two 16 year old math tutors. I assured her that  this happens all the time, in fact I got two of them from my divorce lawyer.

Once I convinced her that she didn’t have to worry she immediately sent a note to her film agent asking her to follow up with the producer and ask him to get back to her with his order.  Cheryl suggested that she explain that she was cleaning out her garage and she only had a few of these penile implants left because they were going like hotcakes.

The girl knows how to take lemons and turn them into lemonade. That’s why I must say I was a bit chagrined that she didn’t go with the flow at my house.

My guest room is where she has written some of her book and where she stays when she has any New York meetings.  She and Elvis have really gotten along which is why I didn’t close him in my room for the night thinking that they may want some bonding time.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up to find him back in my room with the door closed.

When I questioned Cheryl it seems that Elvis being a little “friendly” was not acceptable to “Miss Hollywood”.

She said that when he put his nose real close to hers lightly patting her on the cheek as if to say “Hi Cher, how’s tricks?” it interfered with her sleep. She claims that she would have accepted that but when he put his ass on her neck with his tail happily slapping her in the face she was forced to give him the boot.

I guess the Beverly Hills Hotel doesn’t have any drawbacks, if you’d call a loving companion sharing the evening with you a “drawback”.

She’s my niece and I love her so I  hope that Elvis will choose to forget this little flutter and remember his cousin like this:


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