466. Just a short note

I am a perfect person.

I actually went out and braved a huge snowstorm to make a deposit in dave’s account so he can buy bon bons for his lady love (may they both get cholera).

The fact that I can hold a grudge while still doing the right thing only makes me perfecter.

Did I mention that I got a cat?

David says that since I got Elvis my blogs are boring and no one will read them. He says I have replaced writing about him with writing about Elvis which is why my blogs stink.

This is why I am going to slip a picture of David in while telling you how clever and beautiful Elvis is.


7 thoughts on “466. Just a short note

  1. David is mistaken…your blog is boring…NEVER! Your posts have always been wonderful to read and of late, I’m always delighted to see a picture every now and then. Today’s is a great one. Nice to put a *face* to your friend/neighbour and is that a hint of a smile I see as he watches his furry little buddy? 🙂

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