467. One man’s fish…..

Today is a good day.

When Lizzie went back to Santa Fe with Rupert I thought I had seen him for the last time. He was 15 and he had cancer.

Liz called before and told me that Rupert had his 2 little lumps taken out and he was fine. The rest of him was clear and he was in great shape.

I explained it all to Elvis who peeks down the hall looking for Rupie every time I open the door. I believe he was relieved.

I’ ve always been a little odd. Ask my niece Julie. But I think this cat has put me over the edge.

I see him scratching my couch and I mumble “Ohhh don’t do that” but I don’t really stop him.

I put away a beautiful needle point rug that gave me pleasure every time I passed it. Elvis considered it a personal insult and kept attacking it.

At first I was sad but then I thought, other than my family I don’t entertain any more. Does it matter that that rug is replaced with a round piece of cloth that has a motor so it appears that a mouse is popping out of it in different places?  I think not.

This is only after having the cat for a few weeks. It won’t be long before my couch has tufts of stuffing sticking out of it and my whole apartment is littered with fake mice and torn tissues.

Why do I feel so happy?

3 thoughts on “467. One man’s fish…..

  1. That cat makes me happy, too. I’m getting you some of that double-stick tape so he won’t claw the furniture–in my house. xoxo

  2. My entire house is full of cat beds, mice and scratched up leather furniture. If you really want to find out what you are in for (besides lots of love) you should watch one of the best /funniest videos about cats called Sad Cat Diary, by Ze Frank (3minutes long) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKffm2uI4dk. If you don’t think it is funny now you will in a year or so once you realize your cat is totally in control of you, and you and not the other way around.
    Glad to hear Rupert is doing well after surgery. Once again, thank you for your posts they always make me smile.

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