468. I thought if it looks like a duck….

When I have a conversation with David  in public my eyes dart around to make sure that no one can hear us. When I say “us” I mean him.

If someone picks up even a bit of his conversation they will know immediately what he believes. You can say a lot about him but you can’t say that he pretends to be anyone but who he is.

I went out today. You won’t be surprised to hear where.  Stephanie said that Elvis would be much happier if I had a fluffy shelf on the window sill for him to sit on while he admires the view. But after dragging myself to 4 different pet stores searching I finally came  home empty handed.

On the bus three senior citizens, one man and two women, struck up a conversation with each other. The interesting thing about getting old is you just don’t give a shit. The inability to hear well was the cherry on top of this since these people had no idea how loud they were talking.

They were discussing cab drivers.

“None of them can speak english”

“They have no respect for women”

“Sure, in their country they think nothing of killing women for not wearing hats” (Not wearing hats?)

“They” and the lone man nodded his head towards the black bus driver “make much better cab drivers”

I’m cringing here hoping the driver was born deaf when one of the women goes back to the dead hatless thing and says “They’ll get theirs when we put Hillary in the White House.

“We?” “Hillary?” These people are democrats. These are my people spewing all this bigotry and racism.

See why I’m only writing about cats now?


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