469. I’m comin’ up empty

Here’s the story with the weather being so stinky for so long.

My world is getting even smaller. How do you find anything interesting to write about when you never leave your apartment? There’s just so much you can write about a cat. And frankly I gotta admit that David is right.  Nobody gives a shit about my cat.

Stephanie threatened to punch me if I sent her one more photo of Elvis and even my sister, who is the sweetest person in the world, starts humming when I mention him.

I know that since I know nothing about cats  the things that I find interesting may not be to everyone’s taste. For example, did you ever see a cat use the litter box? It’s brilliant. He digs a hole, does his business and then covers it all up without touching it.

Did I just hear you snoring?

Absolutely no one is interested.  I had to send dave an email about business and at the end I wrote “I got a cat”


At one time I was able to fill my blog with stories about David. He used to never disappoint but he’s been traveling a lot and even when he’s here it’s just same old same old. He hates this guy. He wants to shoot that guy.

How can someone write a blog when their life is so fucking boring?

My sister and I are going to spend a week in Italy in April. If you can just hold on until then maybe if I go to another land something worth writing about will happen to me.

Until then 7uuuuuiii[000 you’ll just have to settle for/23MMMM my cat walking on the keyboard.

Or as my mother used to say when I said I was bored. “Clean your room”.

16 thoughts on “469. I’m comin’ up empty

  1. Ah Mattie, each blog is rich in the words you write, whatever it is about!
    Come out to Oregon, everyone and their (mother, father, sister, brother and pets) is filling up the truck to move here! We will welcome you with open arms!! And Elvis is welcome to, no matter Barry says!

    • I asked David’s son to stay at my house while I’m away. Everyone says that you can have someone come in every day to feed and empty the litter but Elvis is very social and I won’t let him be alone.

  2. Excuse me but I can write about my kitties every moment of the day and I am not bored for a minute. Kitties are fascinating creatures, much more than David who I find boring and predictable. Elvis is thought-provoking and I’d take news about him any day over Steff and David.

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    • Did she also say “I’ll give you something to cry for”? Pearlie did and when I think of it, it’s either really mean or really generous because you clearly already have plenty to cry for.

  3. Oh come on now, you have plenty of material when the weather keeps you indoors. How about the great debate with Elvis about the current choice for toe nail polish, if which brand of laundry products produce the best results. 🙂

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