744. A Perfect Day

I’ve often spoken about the fun Susan and I have when we spend a day together. Quite often our friend Ronnie comes with us and that only makes it better.

I can’t explain why it’s so great. We don’t do anything special, maybe a hair cut, possibly a mani pedi, often  shopping or any task that one of us needs to do. A few weeks ago we searched Brooklyn for someone to notarize my will . Even that was fun.

One thing we always do is have lunch. We mostly go to the greek restaurant since Susan’s husband Allan refuses to eat there even though, as she’s told him many times he likes everything they have there, he’s just being stubborn.

Since this is a guy who rates his day by whether or not his wife is happy I can’t imagine why he won’t budge. z≈`Q

What were we talking about? Oh yes, how I can’t explain why those days are so great but we just love them and never have a bad time. Even when adversity strikes. We have learned to make the best of every situation and here’s an example of how two of the three of us did just that yesterday.

We were finishing lunch and Sue excused herself to go to the restroom. Just as she came back to the table her cell phone rang and she walked to the front of the restaurant to take the call so she wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Ronnie and I were deep in conversation so we didn’t look up until the sweetest man from the next table leaned over and said in a whisper,

“When your friend comes back, please tell her that she has a long piece of toilet paper hanging out of her pants.” You could see he was really pained to have to say this.

Loving our friend and knowing that this would mortify her we did what we could to give her this information without embarrassing her. Did we :

1. go over to where she was speaking on the phone and quietly remove the toilet paper without letting her know it was there ?


2. Scream with laughter and ask the guy to repeat it so that I could record it on my phone ?

I won’t tell you which we did but I’ve been spending the last hour trying to put that movie on here to no avail.

Also I got my toenails painted blue. Big mistake.

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