473. An insult is an insult only if you are insulted. I refuse to be insulted.

I had a lovely evening planned.

I was having Julie, Violet, our friend Brenda and possibly our other friend Claudia to dinner.

It turned out that Claudia couldn’t come but since Brenda has never been to my house I wanted my digs to look nice so I didn’t cook all week so I wouldn’t mess up the kitchen.

Last night David had a big party for his son so he put some bulky things in  my house to get them out of the way. I’m thinking their evening consisted of nine white guys in their twenties and early thirties drinking manhattans and talking rugby and french.

Early this morning I called David and told him to take his stuff back because I was entertaining.

This gave him license to rant about anyone coming over to my house to eat burnt chicken had to be crazy. I explained that I was making something fancy and I had no intention of burning anything. He sneered and followed me home. No sooner had he picked up his crap then I got an email from Brenda saying that she may have the flu and couldn’t come.

So it was just Julie and Violet. I wasn’t sure they would still come without Brenda.

I emailed David, “I think my dinner party may be cancelled”

His answer “Why? Did they hear what you were making?

Then I spoke to Julie and she said maybe we should make it another time.

To David, “My party was cancelled”

Julie called back to say that they were in fact coming.

I knew David was probably counting on me spending the evening with him and his son, Graham since I had told him my plans had fallen through. Therefore I thought it only right to tell him that I was no longer available.

He wrote back “Stop with these updates. We don’t give a rat’s ass”


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